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Request for Proposal - Addendum II



Addendum I

  1. Modification to Language
  2. Due Date Extension



  1. Modification to Language


Urged and Cautioned Site Visit

                                Date:                     Tuesday, June 6, 2023

                Time:                     2:00 PM Eastern Time

Location:              Name of Location

                                                Address of Location

Instructions: Vendors representatives are URGED AND CAUTIONED to visit the site and apprise themselves of the conditions and requirements which will affect the performance of the work called for by this Request for Proposal. A non-mandatory site visit is scheduled for 2:00 PM Eastern Time at the NAME OF LOCATION – ADDRESS OF LOCATION.

Vendors are cautioned that any information released to attendees during the site visit, other than that involving the physical aspects of the facility referenced above, and which conflicts with, supersedes, or adds to requirements in this Request for Proposal, must be confirmed by written addendum before it can be considered to be a part of this proposal.


Should additional information be necessary to prepare a proposal, written questions via email relating to such information may be submitted to Lisa W. Lloyd at manageresd@ncrrbiz.com no later than 4:00 P.M., Wednesday, June 7, 2023.

  1. Due Date Extension

The proposal opening date has been extended for this RFP. All proposals must be received in accordance with the RFP by 4:00 P.M. on Friday, June 16, 2023.


RFP - Water Distribution System Operation Questions

RFP Timeline

  1. Will ESD grant an extension to allow sufficient time for the District and proposers to review responses to questions submitted on June 7, 2023?  Due to other time constraints, we are unable to extend.



  1. Org chart of employees included ESD employees – Provided below. Exhibit A


  1. List of employees with positions, titles and current salaries – Please see previously requested Org Chart. Personal information does not affect the contract and is not being disclosed at this time.


  1. Work schedule, fixed or rotating – Typically 8:00 am to 4:30 pm and after hours on call to address emergencies.


  1. List of outside contractors used and any agreements – Commonly use vendors such as Charles Underwood, Ezzell Electric, Sanford Electric, etc. Contractors vary upon needs.


  1. Copy of Purchase Water agreement with Dunn, cost of purchase water, who pays this? ESD pays for this and the agreement with Dunn will not affect the Operations Contract. Our attorney is reviewing this request and will be provided if and when approved.


  1. Copy of Wastewater agreement with PWC, cost associated with agreement, who pays any fees associated with this? ESD pays for this and the agreement with Dunn will not affect the Operations Contract. Our attorney is reviewing this request and will be provided if and when approved.


  1. Meter reading schedule? Meter replacement schedule? How many monthly cut off/ Cut on, who completes these? Meters are read once a month (mid-month) using a handheld device and manual reads. Meters replacements vary based on monthly read and performance data. Monthly cut-off/ cut on varies but on average is around 10 a week. Contract Operations performs all of these activities.


  1. Veolia is a full service company, is there any interest in Veolia handling Billing and collection not included in the RFP? Not at this time.


  1. Are there any problem employees that we need to relocate? No.


  1. Last 12 months of power bills, who pays this? ESD pays all utilities.


  1. Last 12 months of chemical bills. No chemicals are used.


  1. Last 12 months of other utilities bills Veolia will be responsible for - ESD pays all utilities.


  1. list of loans and /or grants ESD is working under – Not relevant to this contract.


  1. Future grants ESD is working on – Recently awarded Water and Wastewater AIA grants.

Equipment: (If none then skip)

  1. List of all ESD owned equipment Veolia will have access to ie; Pick Up Trucks, BackHoe, Track Hoe, Vac Trucks, Mobile Gen, Mobile Pumps etc;
  2. Maintenance records for listed equipment
  3. Any vehicle rental agreements associated with listed equipment
  4. Who completes and pays for maintenance for listed equipment?



  1. Copy of Latest sanitary survey Exhibit B


  1. Copy of the last 12 months of all reports to NC, DUNN and ESD


  1. List of last 12 months of violation data reported – This information can be accessed from the NC Water Watch website. https://www.deq.nc.gov/about/divisions/water-resources/drinking-water/drinking-water-watch PWSID: NC5026027


  1. Last completed maintenance, cleaning and coating of 300k storage tank – Cleaned in 2020. Upcoming maintenance/cleaning will be scheduled in 2025.


  1. Last 12 months data of chemicals used – No chemicals are used.


  1. last 12 months of maintenance records on distribution equipment. ESD does not own equipment.


  1. last 12 months of leak repair data – District pays for all materials for repairs. If this is not what you are asking for, please elaborate.


  1. Flushing program information – Auto flushers throughout district and other as needed requests.


  1. How many fire hydrants - Approx. 300 fire hydrants.


  1. How many new service taps per year, who completes? We average 25/year, Contract operations.


  1. Is there a cross connection program – Yes. Cross Connection ORC maintains the program.


  1. Last Lead and copper results – 2021


  1. Future schedule for next lead and copper sampling – 2024


  1. Last TTHM and HAA5 results, schedule for sampling – Quarterly (Feb, May, Aug, Nov)


  1. Any large commercial water uses with critical status ie; Hospitals, Hospice Center etc – 3 Nursing Homes, and 2 Elementary Schools



  1. Copy of last state inspection – Provided below (Sewer). Exhibit C


  1. Copy of the last 12 months of all reports to NC, PWC and ESD – No MOR required. System is deemed.
  2. List of last 12 months of violation data reported – None


  1. Last completed maintenance, cleaning of lift stations – Stations where cleaned January 2023


  1. Last 12 months data of chemicals used, who pays for – No Chemicals are used


  1. last 12 months of maintenance records on collection system equipment – ESD does not own collection system equipment.


  1. last 12 months of sewer line and clean out repair and/or stop ups – Work Orders attached. Exhibit D


  1. What commercial users on collection system – Currently 40 Commercial connections.


  1. How many new sewer taps per year? Who completes these? Varies. On average 5 a year. Contract Operations or a subcontractor performs installation of taps.


  1. Last 12 months of SSO's reported - None
  2. Any odor control sites? No


  1. How many manholes and who completes manhole inspection and maintenance? Approx.

250 manholes. Contract Operations performs inspections and maintenance.  


  1. Information on known I&I – I&I study to be performed as part of the AIA Grant.



1: Elevated Tank Maintenance. Is there a tank maintenance agreement?  Wash out schedules? Scheduled tank turnover? No agreement. Wash out typically done every 5 years.


2: Meter reads up to 3,000. Who performs Failed meter changeouts? New Installs? Cut off and cut on's for No Pay? Re reads included the up to 3000 ? Contract Operations performs all of these activities.


3: If chemicals become necessary, we pay? Billbacks? Ammonia Tank on site? The District is responsible for any chemicals purchased. However, currently all analytical sampling is included in the Operations Contract.


4: Clean out of lift stations.  FOG Program is included.  Grease Trap inspections by whom and documents stored by us? Decreased applications necessary? Lift stations are a part of the Operations contract. FOG materials are developed by the District and records are to be maintained at ESD.


5: Hydrant Flushing Programs? Existing Fire Departments handle?  Water quality requires any flushing can we perform? Contract Operations performs hydrant flushing program and water quality maintenance flushing.


6:  SCADA access on line to contractor? Yes.