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Request for Qualifications (RFQ)


Professional Services


 Sewer System Asset Inventory

and Assessment (AIA) Study


Eastover Sanitary District

Eastover, North Carolina





Issue Date: June 12, 2023

Due Date:  July 10,2023









The Eastover Sanitary District’s (ESD) application for the completion of a Sewer System Asset Inventory and Assessment (AIA) study has been approved by the State Water Infrastructure Authority (SWIA). ESD invites submittal of responses to this Request for Qualifications (RFQ) from firms qualified in the State of North Carolina to perform engineering services.




The District was awarded grant funding from the American Recovery Plan Act (ARPA) and the State Reserve Program (SRP) for an AIA of the sewer system in March 2023. The project must be completed by December 31, 2026, and the funding is contingent upon meeting all project milestones.


Scope of Services


  1. Complete inventory of sewer system and update system mapping.
  •   Assess current mapping and system data.
  •  Design database for GIS data collection and ongoing management.
  • Complete a thorough survey and assessment of system components.
  • Create GIS mapping and files for entire system.


  1. Develop an Asset Management Plan.
  • Utilize assessment data from mapping, create a risk analysis.
  • Determine condition of critical system components.
  • Create a recommended Capital Improvement Plan priorities/needs list to include anticipated costs for infrastructure and ongoing operations and maintenance.
  • Set groundwork for upcoming rate study tied to existing system.
  • Examine possibilities for system expansion with general recommendations.


  1. Create Final Report for Board Review and Adoption.
  • Document efforts, findings, and methods.
  • Compile results of work into final report.
  • Present report to Eastover Sanitary District Board.



Submittal Requirements


  1. Name of firm.
  2. Location of firm’s office(s) and address, email, and telephone number of office out        of which work will be performed.
  3. Brief history of firm.
  4. List of key personnel to be directly involved in the project with a short bio. Also include a brief description of their responsibilities and relevant project experience.
  5. List of 3 recent AIA projects with contact information for local officials involved with the projects.
  6. Projected availability of personnel needed for this effort.
  7. A proposed work plan/schedule of activities to be performed.
  8. Hourly rate schedule for personnel to be utilized on the project. In accordance with NCGS 143-64.31, DO NOT INCLUDE Lump Sum or Not-to-Exceed pricing for services.


Selection Process


Qualifications received by the deadline and prepared in general accordance with RFQ instructions will be reviewed using a qualifications-based selection process (QBS). Evaluation of firms will utilize the following criteria and points system, with a maximum total of 100 points:


  • Qualifications, competence, and reputation of firm and personnel 40 points
  • Related experience on similar, recent projects 40 points
  • Ability to meet time/schedule requirements 10 points
  • Demonstrated familiarity with locality and NCDEQ grant process 10 points


Following review of the submittals received, ESD will identify the firm it believes to be the best qualified for the proposed project.


Once a selection is made, the chosen firm will negotiate with ESD on fee and contract terms and conditions. If, in the sole opinion of ESD, an agreement cannot be achieved with the first respondent of choice, negotiations will proceed with the second or subsequent choice respondents until a mutually agreed upon contract can be negotiated.


Submission Information – Due by 5:00pm, July 10, 2023


Responses must be printed double-sided and are limited to a total of 20 printed pages, excluding cover, cover letter, and table of contents, which may or may not be provided at the discretion of the respondent. A sheet which has content on both sides shall be considered 2 pages. Respondents are requested not to include other generalized marketing information as part of the submittal documents.


Three (3) paper copies and one (1) electronic copy of the Statement of Qualifications should be submitted no later than 5:00pm on July 10, 2023. The copies shall be in a sealed envelope marked “Statement of Qualifications for Sewer System AIA Project for the Eastover Sanitary District.”


Proposals can be mailed, or hand delivered to:

Samantha Wullenwaber, Deputy Executive Director

Mid-Carolina Regional Council

6205 Raeford Rd.

Fayetteville, North Carolina 28304


RFQ questions should be addressed to Samantha Wullenwaber, swullenwaber@mccog.org, or 919-632-5397.


The Eastover Sanitary District is an Equal Opportunity Employer and invites the submission of proposals from small, minority, and women-owned firms, which are historically underutilized businesses.